Jun 8 2023

Tips for stocking up and saving money in the process!

Tips for stocking up and saving money in the process!

Here at All About Books, we strive to get you the best deals so that you can comfortably purchase titles within your budget for your literacy program. While all of our titles are available at a significant discount from their list (retail) price, we also offer more ways to save. Below are some tips and tricks we recommend to our customers!

Stocking up – so many options! If you are a program that is just starting out and are not sure what titles are best for the children you serve, order our Small or Large All Age Bundles as they will give you a variety of titles across all age ranges. Our Small and Large All Age Bundles are also packed and labeled by age range, which makes unpacking them even easier! Do you only need a few specific age ranges? Our Small and Large Bundles are broken down by age range as well! All Small and Large bundles are offered in either English or Spanish-English Bilingual. With the 10% discount as your bonus, you could bring your average price per book down to $2.03 for a Large bundle or $2.20 for a Small Bundle!

Small All Age Bundle #SAAB-00E (15 copies of 15 titles) 225 Books for $550

Large All Age Bundle #LAAB-00E (20 copies of 25 titles) 500 Books for $1125


Another great option for stocking up is our Value Packs. We offer two (2) Early Childhood Packs; one in English and the other in Spanish-English Bilingual and feature titles for ages Birth – 36 Months. Our third Value Pack option is for ages 3-5 and is available in English. These packs are not packed and labeled by age range, but that means that they are less expensive than the Small / Large Bundles as less labor for our warehouse means a better cost for you! After the 10% discount, the price drops to $1.94 per book!

Early Childhood Value Pack: Ages Birth – 36 Months (20 copies of 10 titles) 200 books for $430
Early Childhood Bilingual Value Pack: Ages Birth – 36 Months (20 copies of 10 titles) 200 books for $430
Storybook & Read Aloud Value Pack: Ages 3-5 Years (20 copies of 10 titles)200 books for $430

Looking for a specific theme? Our Theme Packs are a great place to start! They are not only cost-effective, but they provide your program with multiple options within one theme while saving you the time of flipping through endless options. All of our theme packs contain 25 books (5 copies of 5 titles) and we ensure that each title within a theme pack is appropriate for that theme. With the 10% discount applied, your price per book comes down to $2.12 when you order two (2) or more Theme Packs.


Love a specific title and know you want to order in larger quantities? Look no further than Case Quantities! All of our titles arrive at our warehouse in ‘cases’ and some of these titles are available to order by the case. This saves our warehouse time by only having to grab a case (or a box), which means it saves you money. Case quantities can range from 40 books in a case to 120+ books. These quantities are pre-determined by the publishers, which is why they vary so greatly from title to title. With that said, you can save up to $0.20 per book off a specific title if you choose to order by the case! All of our case quantity items are identified by a ‘CQ’ at the end of their item number instead of the usual ‘A’. Some of our popular case quantities are:

Case quantities are a terrific way to take advantage of ordering one specific title within a series, but what if you love every book in a series and want to receive them all? This is where Series Collections come into play! Ordering by the collection, which typically includes 15 – 25 books, is another great way to save. These shrink-wrapped collections can save you between $0.10 - $0.20 per book and give you a variety of titles for your program’s participants. Series Collections are another fantastic opportunity for new programs to get a taste of what that series is about and then decide from there if they like them all or want to move forward with only ordering a few individual titles and potentially shift to CQs or lower individual quantities.

All of these options, coupled with either our standard 10% discount or our Spring Promotion of 15% off (for those orders over $2500) will get you the most bang for your buck! This is especially prevalent for those coming to the end of their fiscal year, looking to spend out those funds. Visit our website today to save big!

Posted on Jun 8, 2023

Natalie Garvey
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